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Our Humble Beginnings

ABC KIDS derives from a tailor’s humble beginnings one day. He wanted to take care of each step of the kids and bring warmth and happiness to them with his professional skills. From that day on, he made his team into a strong, creative and professional one and got its reputation gradually. Later, more and more parents and kids love ABC KIDS and know it's a great brand for it has been ranked No. 1 in the Chinese kids' shoe industry and No. 5 in clothing in recent years.

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Our Big Idea

In ABC KIDS, we want to share our love for kids through each carefully crafted shoe. We hope them to experience each beautiful moment in their life and get their nature and talents fully released and explored. So ABC KIDS' products are the combination of professional skills and warm love. For example, its sneakers are super lightweight, comfortable and breathable with a unique easy-to-bend design at 1/3 of the outsole that fully lets kids enjoy their playtime without any harm or hurt for feet.

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