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10 Best Family Activities for Parents and Kids

by Hani Huang on April 16, 2019

Nothing can replace fun family activities. You may gift them the most beautiful dress or get them the highly coveted leather shoe, but in the next 15 – 20 years when they are away from home, the best memory they will have of you as parents are the quality time you have spent together engaging in different activities for kids and parents.

Here, we have come up with the best 10 family activities for parents and kids. I believe you will find a couple of them helpful in creating a tighter bond between you and your lovely family.


Treasure Hunt

abckids treasure hunt

Hunting is both thrilling and pulsating. It keeps you on guard, and eyelash your hidden potential. With a treasure hunt, your role as a parent is to plant treasure in the garden and then set up a map that will guide your kids to unraveling the treasure. Each kid will be provided with the map, and the first to navigate the map and successful unearth the gym wins.


Hide and Seek

abc kids hide and seek

For a family with a large backyard, hide and seek is a game to let your kids exercise their body running within the safety of your apartment. If you are using an outdoor, then you should consider buying them running shoes that will prevent them from hurting their legs. You are required to set up rules that will guide against your children going overboard in an attempt to make themselves hard to discover. You can serve as the regulator so that there won't be cheating.


Plant a Garden

abckids plant a garden

Do you have a fond memory of you nurturing a plant with your parents as a kid? Gardening is a fun activity for a family that creates a bond and offers the kids the opportunity to show care for their cherished plant. The kids can have a particular shrub or flower to their name. Sit back and watch how much time they will spend nurturing the plant. Taking them out to see an already established garden within the neighborhood can provide extra motivation.


Go for Sightseeing

go for sightseeing

Kids love seeing things. It's quite incredible to observe the level of attentiveness of kids to the most minute details. From insects to plants, ponds to a skyscraper - exploring the neighborhood with your kids can create a long-lasting memory for you as a family. Some of the recommended places to visit include Parks, Zoo, and Forest Reserves. Having them wear quality and durable walking shoes is a necessity to prevent injuries to the soft feet. When you return home, ask each kid to recount everything they saw to boost their memory.


Dance Contest

abc kids dance contest

How about hosting a family dance contest where each member of the family is mandated to introduce new dance steps? You can add to the fun by taking it one after the other starting with the youngest kid to the dad. To put the icing on the cake, let your kids create a unique style, and challenge you to replicate it as a parent. However, you need to go easy and surrender when they request you to do a backflip you can’t remember the last time you did. Winks.


Organize Family 5-Aside Tournament

abc kids 5-aside tournament

Fun activities with kids should not be limited to your family alone. Getting your kids to develop a positive relationship with other kids from the neighborhood can foster community development. Team up with trusted families to organize a 5-aside tournament. Select a random team that will include parents and kids of different ages from a different family. That is, a team should comprise members of different families. Got to the available Park or a soccer field to play it all out. Remember, the goal is not to win but to have exercise, laugh and have fun. However, giving prizes to the best performers is not a bad idea.


Go to the Cinema

abc kids go to the cinema

When last did you see a movie together with your family? This may be a good time to create a fun time visiting cinemas to see classic films packed with entertainment for kids of all ages. Some of the movies for kids include Baby Day Out, Young Tom to Edison, Baby Trip to China and Baby Take a Bow.


Eat Out

abc kids eat out

Kids love to try out exotic cuisines, particularly the one you don't make in the comfort of your kitchen. Think about visiting a Chinese Restaurant or Italian Kitchen. Allow your kids to place the order on their preferred meals. It won't surprise you how boastful they will be when they get to the middle of their friends the next day talking about exotic meals.


Play Games

abc kids play games

If you fancy some indoor moment, only a few activities can rival playing games. From Junior Monopoly, Scrabble and Q-Bitz, you can never run out of educative, and entertainment games parents and kids can play together. We have written a guide on the 10 Best games for parents and kids. You can read it here.


Cook Together

abc kids cook together

Kids love to cook, and it's always fun to watch them mix up ingredients and follow recipes as a parent. Although, you may incur extra work and record some wastage. However, they are all worth the fun of creating bonds in the family. For 8+ kids, you can let them read out a cooking procedure for meals such as bunnies, fries, pies, and cookies. They can top it up by creating smiley expressions on the food. It will not only create a memory but also teach them how to become a better cook either as a male or a female.