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4 Steps To Maintain The Shoes With Your Kids

by Hani Huang on January 24, 2019

Proper shoe care is so important. It not only can prolong the lifespan but also can maintain a great sensation when wearing them. However, proper shoe care is not just cleaning the shoes regularly and carefully. It involves far more. Here, I’ve summarized them into four steps briefly. From now on, teach your kids to take care of their shoes and to be the person who loves their shoes just as their lovely puppies. More importantly, let them develop the habit of cherishing good things.

4 Step To Maintain The Shoes With Your Kids

After you’ve bought a premium, perfect-fitting, and sophisticated shoe like our ABC KIDS sneakers for your kids, you shouldn’t miss this chance to teach them to maintain their shoes. Of course, the most difficult part is to remind them of their great habit. Let them understand that they should brush up on shoe care know-how if they want to keep their shoes lovely and beautiful for a long time.

StepⅠ- Breaks from Wear

Breaks from Wear

Material like cotton and leather retains moisture. When they get wet, the shoes lose their form and outlook easily. Worse still, they will accrue lasting damage. Breaks from wear prevent this happening. In fact, it’s an essential way to maintain the durability and sensation of the baby & kids shoes.

StepⅡ- Put Shoes On & Take Off Properly

Put Shoes On & Take Off Properly

How to put on and take off the shoes is another key factor that can prolong the lifespan of the kid’s shoes. Therefore, put the shoes on and take off properly and gently with a shoe horn and the hands can protect the shoes. Also, this will also help to prevent the damage to the shoes.

Step Ⅲ- Wood Shoe Shapers

Wood Shoe Shapers

Of course, all shoes like child sneakers will lose their form and sturdiness over time. Shoe shapers can prolong the time to prevent this from happening. They can help smooth out creases from wearing and help the kids’ shoe dry. BTW, the best shoe shaper is made of wood.

Step Ⅳ- The Way to Clean Shoes

The Way to Clean Shoes

When you undertake a proper way to clean your cotton or leather shoes, whatever, a tedious-seeming task will need your kids' patience. However, the result speaks for itself: a pair of shiny, brand new, durable shoes are put on the patient and good-habit kids.


Always, good things can’t get with ease. Thought here is just four steps to maintain the shoes seemingly, it’s far more in reality. It’s the same to be a good-habit and creative kid. Take care of your kids by caring every step of your kids just as the ABC KIDS do.