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ABC KIDS Signed American Toy Making Magnate Hasbro

by Hani Huang on May 18, 2018

A few days ago, the kid shoe industry "Super Star"- ABC KIDS signed the American toy making magnate Hasbro and decided to bring the super IP “Transformers” to China so as to help kids realize their superhero dreams by using the "superhero" Transformers to create the brand-new hero products. Kids can wear the Transformers series of ABC KIDS to make their childhood shiny.
Optimus Prime, the powerful, intelligent and brave leader of the Transformers, led his team to defend the earth, which is an honor to the last moment... Well, all these Transformers have witnessed the childhood and growth of several generations with faith, guardianship, roars of mech to guard the common memories of our childhood! Since each "Transformers" film has been breaking the records of China's box-office, the Transformers symbolizes childhood and sentiment for many Chinese consumers. Well, the same to ABC KIDS who creates a “Magic” space for each child. In this space, each kid is a superhero and ABC KIDS will accompany them to open every “super dream”. This action, however, is a gentle and strong love for kids.
Transformers series shoes

From babbles to toddlers, ABC KIDS takes the first step in “superheroes” for kids and witnesses every footprint of the kids’ growth.

From "Loveliness" to learning to see the world, the world is like a big canvas waiting for kids to take the pen. And the Transformers series of ABC KIDS will escort all the way to help kids to go to the new world and paint their dreams for life.

Transformers series clothes

The Transformers series of the ABC KIDS is dedicated to dotting with the happy daily life of kids so as to bring the "love" companion for them and help them to open their "superhero" life dreams.

 Transformers series clothing

For now, Hasbro has officially reached the authorization of the Transformers image with ABC KIDS and will launch the Transformers-themed for kids’ shoes and apparel in September this year. At the same time, ABC KIDS also cooperates with well-known American design companies to create a trend of kids’ clothing and shoes in order to let Transformers play its most "effectiveness". This Transformers series of the ABC KIDS will full of a coolly technological sense by combining the image of Transformers. Customers can purchase the products on all kinds of major stores and e-commerce platforms to fulfill the kids’ superhero dreams.

Transformers series

In many industrial insiders' view, ABC KIDS X Transformers is a powerful alliance between two IP giants. It's also a successful case for win-win cooperation. Under the decades of IP creation and operation of American animation giant Hasbro, Transformers has a huge number of fans around the world, which means ABC KIDS will be deeply integrated with Transformers favored by a great deal number of parents and children. Therefore, ABC KIDS is attracting more and more Trans' fans with its superhero products. Anyway, let's expect the launch of the ABC KIDS' Transformers series and achieve our superhero dreams together!

Transformers series shoes