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Best 10 Brands for Kids' Clothes

by Hani Huang on June 06, 2019

Every parent loves to see their kids rocking the best outfits. But most departmental stores keep having the same old stuff year after year. You don't want your adorable kids to look dull in their outfits, do you? No!

We know you love to see your kids in stylish clothes that stand out from the crowd. So, we've done the hard work for you, looking up the best clothing brands for your wonderful kids. Have fun exploring these ten best brands for kids' clothes.


abckids bitte

This brand focuses on modern design and sustainable practices to give you the best shopping experience for your kids' clothing. Bitte understands that parents don't only care for their kids but also ensure their kids live in a fair and beautiful world. Their clothes are made to last, and you'll find clothes for your kids that they will cherish for years and seasons to come.


Egg New York

abckids egg new york

Egg New York was hatched in 2003 by Susan Lazar, a women's fashion designer. Her passion for concentrating on the sweeter side of fashion led her into launching one of the best kids' clothing brands today.

The "soul" of this lifestyle brand centers on the love existing between parents and their kids. The design of this brand focuses on the needs of stylish moms and their lovely kids, celebrating the unshakeable bond that unites all families.

With modern designs, natural fabrics, and environmentally-friendly materials, Egg New York produces kids' clothing of the best quality that is fashionable and durable.


Tea Collection

abckids tee collection

Tea Collection produces some of the highest quality garments for kids. They use durable materials, their stitching is top class, and their clothes fit just right on your kids. Since 2002, they've been making globally-inspired, bold, and colorful clothing for kids. With a stylish collection ranging from urban to sophisticated and formal looks, they have the most adorable outfits that your kids will love until till they're outgrown.


Young & Free Apparel

abckids young & free apparel

This brand takes pride in creating modern clothing that gives kids the freedom to be kids.

They have some of the best accessories for your little kids that are super stylish and trendy. Their headbands and knit hats are very effective at keeping heads and ears warm in winter. They have an extensive collection of adorable hats, socks, and bows that you can combine to get the perfect outfit.


Mini Mioche 

abckids mini mo

This brand aims to provide the world with the best ethically-made organic fashion basics for kids and infants. They also strive to make clothing that kids feel comfortable wearing, that parents will love to buy, and that are long-lasting.

They have an online shop, as well as two locations in Canada and Toronto, that offer organic fashion basics of the highest quality. You'll also love their collection of kids' gear, footwear, and toys.


Silkberry Baby

abckids silkberry baby

This clothing brand in Canada provides trendy, cute, and eco-friendly clothing and accessories for kids.

Just like the name, their clothes are silky soft, breathable and comfortable for your kids. Silkyberry Baby has the eco-conscious parents at heart, making use of certified sustainable fabric in their kids’ clothing line. They make simple, fun, adorable, and creative designs.



abckids nununu

If you're a parent who loves dark skinny jeans and leather jackets, you don't have to start buying rainbows and butterflies as soon as you have a baby, do you? Besides, if your kids want something mild, dark, or just cool, shouldn't they be able to find it? That's the idea behind Nununu.

This Israeli clothing brand goes against the cliché of bright colors and complex designs found in most kids’ clothing stores. They've become the brand that dresses kids in grey, white, black, sometimes with simple designs and a hint of color. If you're a devoted minimalist looking for unisex clothing for your kids, or you just fancy the monochrome trend, then this brand will be your favorite.


Kapital K

Kapital K aims at making kids' clothing cool, stylish, and fun. With the theme, "Children's Clothing With Attitude," Kapital K provides an expansive collection of children's clothing with a sophisticated downtown vibe. They provide the best in trendy clothing for kids from newborn to size 7.


Baby Noomie

baby nomiee

Baby Noomie knows that your kids desire the ultimate comfort. So, they offer an abundance of kids' clothes and accessories made from 100% Pima cotton.


Baby Noomie makes their prints from kids' favorite characters that are drawn by hand. They also make use of bright colors that bring out the excitement in your kids.




For the love of kids! This amazing clothing line was created out of immense love for kids.

Parents turn to ABCKIDS looking for shoes and clothing that will allow their kids to live life to the fullest. Their products encourage kids' natural enthusiasm for exploration and adventure while keeping them safe and supported.

Their clothes and shoes support kids' physical development at every stage, from newborn to adolescent, focusing on practical, ergonomic design to encourage children's adventures. Their clothes are cute, classy, comfortable, and durable — the ones your kids love!

Today, ABCKIDS has become the ultimate brand for kids' shoes and clothing with 2400 physical stores all over mainland China. They have been awarded as one of China’s 500 most valuable brands, for eight years in a row, with their annual sale turnover claimed at over one hundred million in 2018.

ABCKIDS still keeps its original intention to bring love to children all over the globe with their special services. They still have an intense devotion to producing clothes just for the love of kids by spreading their footprint to every corner of the world.


There are factors to consider when choosing clothes for your kids. You need to bear in mind the comfort of your kids, the durability and eco-friendliness of the clothing materials, the location or event, and even your kids' preferred style—or yours—if they have none.