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Best 10 Brands for Baby Girl Clothes

by Hani Huang on August 06, 2019

Before the advent of online shopping, picking out the best clothing for your baby girls was such a herculean task. There were so many hurdles you would have to deal with, such as searching through various stores to choose the right size for them and what you feel would look good on them, whilst still trying to balance up your budget with whatever their desires are. But with the various online shopping stores offering sales of kiddies’ fashion and clothing accessories, parents can easily preview clothes and their prices without leaving the comfort of their homes. Although this introduction of internet technology into the sales of fashion wears, it also comes with its own peculiar challenges, some of which includes receiving an product which is not exactly the same size of clothing that you ordered, getting a product that does not fit perfectly into the description of what you ordered as they may show variation in colour and design. To help solve some of these problems, we have taken our time to survey some of the best online stores for kids’ fashions where you can find products are genuine in size and quality when shipped and would also fit your budget. So, here are our top 10 online stores for kids’ fashion, clothing, and shoes.



abc kids baby girl clothing

This should be your favorite online store if you want to get your baby girls comfortable and fitting wears. ABC KIDS stocks the best wears for your wards in various sizes and designs, ensuring you would not have to struggle between going for the design you want and the right size for your kids. In addition to these, their prices are very affordable compared to the quality that they offer. Especially for its shoes,  if you want to purchase some great quality shoes such as baby prewalkers, toddler sneakers, kid sandals and little dress shoes with a limited budget, ABC KIDS will be your top priority really!


  1. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack baby girl clothes

This store has made a name for itself as one of the best online stores offering great deals for baby girls clothing and shoes. They stock both brand names and their own signature clothing line products. They also offer clearance sales almost all year round, so you can be sure to benefit from that as well.


  1. Children’s Place

Children’s Place baby girl clothing

With constant coupons, discounts and giveaways, this online store can hardly stay off the radar when it comes to kids’ fashion. It is indeed the children's place for affordable clothing and shoes for your kids. They are also known to offer some of the best quality graphic tees you could get, and their shipping fee is amazingly affordable.


  1. H&M

H&M baby girl clothing

This online store is known for offering budget-friendly clothes for your kids, and guess what, they also come in great quality. Their products range from leather jackets to various dresses, coats, shoes and lots more. Their clothing designs also caters for newborn and grown-up kids, so be sure to check them out.


  1. Ruum

Ruum baby girl clothing

This brand has grown over the years to become a force to reckon with in the sales of classic designs. Ruum which was formerly known as the American Eagle Outfitters is known to stock comfortable designs that are affordable. Be sure to take advantage of their clearance sales and amazing reward programs.


  1. GAP

GAP baby girl clothes

There is hardly any mum who shops for kids’ clothes online that is not familiar with this leading brand that has been in the global retail business for baby girls clothing since the year 1969. They have various wears such as sweaters, denim, tees with creative designs, dresses for baby girls and button-down shirts. What makes them exceptional is their free shipping and return policy on all ordered products above $50.


  1. Gymboree

Gymboree baby girl clothes

This online store can be crowned the king of clearance sales, as their deals are almost irresistible. Some may find their products to be expensive, but you can be assured of getting the best quality for whatever price you’re paying.


  1. Cookie’s Kids

Cookie’s Kids baby girl clothes

From Levi’s to Carter’s and Nautica, the Cookie’s Kids online store stocks up some of the best brands. In addition to the affordable prices of their products, they also offer great discounts all year round. So, if you visit their websites regularly, you can be sure to benefit from some amazing deals.


  1. Zulily

Zulily baby girl clothes

Another store famous for stocking up quality brands like Room Seven, Stride Rite, and Candlesticks. Zulily is a flash sale site that offers cute baby clothing, so you must do your shopping early enough in order to get your favorite products.


  1. Crewcuts

Crewcuts baby girl clothes

We would wrap up the list with the wonderful J. Crew label. This brand does not disappoint when it comes to crafting aesthetically appealing and yet very comfortable clothing designs. This same expertise shown in the design of adult boys and girls clothing has been replicated in baby clothing design. They sell all kinds of baby girls fashion you can think of, such as skirts, sweaters, sneakers for kids, dresses, and button-down shirts. Although their shipping cost is free, most customers feel that this has been factored into the cost of the products as they seem to be pricier. Whatever the case may be, their quality is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, and you can always take advantage of their regular discounts on their final sales.


There are some other notable online stores that could not make the list but also offer amazing deals on kids’ fashion. So, our notable mentions include Kohl’s,, JCPenny, Alex and Alexa, Mini Boden, Crazy8 and of course Amazon. We hope this list will guide you in your next online shopping spree for your lovely baby girls.

by Abigail on August 06, 2019

Some of their dresses are really beautiful. I have got some shoes and dresses for my girls before. they like them so much. BUT I like their shoes much since the quality is super great.

by Amelia on August 06, 2019

Their shoes really great, I mean the quality and the design beyond my expectation really when I got the abckids shoes.