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Best Dresses And Dresses Shoes For Girls

by Hani Huang on August 12, 2019

Has your friend chosen your beautiful princess to graze her wedding ceremony as the flower girl? Is she contesting in a beauty pageant or simply going for a recitation? Whatever special occasion your daughter is going for we have just the right outfit for her to stand out. Having just the right dress won’t make your babies dressing complete without the proper shoes to fit, so we have stocked up our online store with a lot of dazzling little girl dress shoes you can choose from to complement your little girls' party dresses. We know how challenging it could be for parents when trying to select the right toddler girl shoe, most times you can find the right shoe that matches the outfit, only to realize that it doesn’t fit. Our collection of little girls’ dress shoes is of various sizes, so you won’t have to worry about your baby girl missing out on a lovely shoe just because it won’t size her. Everyone wants to look their best whenever they are at an event and trust me when I say that kids are no exception. So, what other better time to inculcate that sophisticated sense of style other than this early stage. With our collection of flower girl dresses, girls formal dresses, and little girls dress shoes at ABC KIDS, we have made it our passion to ensure that whatever event your baby girl is attending, she would not only be putting her best foot forward, she would also be putting on the best dress outfit.

Here are our five top picks for little girls’ dresses.

Girls Princess Dotted Tulle Lace Dressabckids toddler girl dress

This beautiful dress would make the perfect outfit for your daughter to waddle her way through the aisle of any wedding ceremony. Its white and black colour makes it an easy match for most little girls’ dress shoes.

Girls Floral Sweet Tulle Party Dressabc kids baby girl dress

This simple and classy dress will make your daughter look sweet indeed. Its light pink colour would suit any girls skin tone and there are several lovely shoes you can pick to match such as the ABCKIDS Casual Pink Square Shoes.

Girls Summer Casual Sweet Sleeveless Dressabc kids little girl dress

Yeah, we know it’s not all the time you would be attending parties and weddings. There would be moments when you just want to have some bonding time with your little princess. With this dress, she is all set for your next summer vacation.

Girls Dreamy Princess Tulle Lace Dressabc kids child girl dress

Want to make your little one the princess of that event, then you can pick this blue coloured lace dress for her. The way the blue colour fades into white makes it less flashy and suitable for events requiring a mixture or any of both colours. For matching dress shoes, you can try out the blue coloured ABCKIDS Elegant Square Shoes and the ABCKIDS Embroidery Square Shoes for the colour white.

Girls 3D Butterfly and Flower Sleeveless Dressabckids baby girl dress

One of my favourite girl dress, and don’t just take my word for it, as the ratings and customer reviews put this beautiful dress as one of the best outfits you can spend your money on. The butterfly designs are surely going to give her the thrills and make this dress one of her favourites.

Next, let’s look at some of our favourite little girls' dress shoes.

ABCKIDS Hollow Bowknot Square Shoesabc kids baby girl square shoes


    With handy Velcro design, your kids can easily put on or take off these shoes themselves. It is lightweight, comfortable and has a breathable design. The 3D bow design adds to the overall aesthetics of the shoe, more like the icing on the cake.

    ABCKIDS Casual Pink Square Shoesabc kids little girl dress shoes

    The PU and synthetic material used in making this shoe would give your princess the comfort she deserves. It is also durable and easy to maintain shoe.

    ABCKIDS Trendy Square Shoesabc kids toddler girl dress shoes

    The trendy Square Shoe is where elegance meets functionality. Professionally crafted with a flexible outside sole and a comfy soft lining material. It has a sweat-absorbent design, which means your daughter can wear it all day.

    ABCKIDS Elegant Square Shoesabc kids child girl square shoes

    Your baby girl can rock this shoe for her casual and formal events. Its soft lining material gives that extra layer of comfort, while the sole is made of rubber and is anti-slip as well. The faddish element tassels finishing would give your princess an elegant look.

    ABCKIDS Embroidery Square Shoesabckids preteen girl square shoes

    The last but not the least is the well-crafted white coloured shoe, this elegant shoe can fit virtually any dress you pick out for your girl. It is ultra-lightweight, made of soft lining and comfortable outsole. The embroidery element added to the design gives it a more classic finishing that would make your loved one stay in style.


    We hope that next time you want to purchase a dress or shoe for your little girl, you would find this guideline helpful. This is just a few selections out of the numerous little girl dresses and dress shoes that we have. Our outfits would give your daughter the proper fit and confidence to prance around the entire ceremony without fear of stumbling or tripping because of oversized shoes. Am sure you don’t want to be that parent searching for her little girls’ lost shoe at the end of the occasion. Well, if you get some great kids sandals or sneakers for your kids, you can take a look at this ABCKIDS brand due to its great quality and big discounts.

    by Azalu Mengstie on November 20, 2019

    its so cute.

    by Abigail on August 12, 2019

    The dress is so beautiful that my girl said she was a princess when she wears the dress.