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10 Best brands for kids shoes

by Hani Huang on June 21, 2019

When it comes to kids shoes, you want the best but with so many new brands entering the market it can be hard to distinguish which brands offer great quality kids footwear, and which are simply fashion items. Here are 10 of the best brands for kids shoes.




This classic British brand first began trading over 200 years ago, and are one of the go-to retailers for first shoes in the UK. Indeed, the brand has become almost synonymous with ‘first shoes’. Clarks have carried out a plethora of research on feet, examining how they develop, the biomechanics, and from his developed their fitting system and shoes.



ABCKIDS Startrite

Favored by royals, having fitted over 1500 pairs of shoes for royal children, Startrite is the self-appointed ‘best of British since 1792’. The aesthetic of the shoes is traditional, timeless and classic whilst the technology is progressive and based on research. In 1943 Startrite carried out the first ever British survey of children’s feet, bringing together experts in shoe-making, medicine, and education to inform how their shoes are designed and fitted. Research has continued to play an important role in this brand.




Calling themselves the ‘next best thing to bare feet’ Pediped shoes feature soft, flexible soles that mimic barefoot walking and come highly recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists. As a brand, Pediped is strongly aligned with foot health for growing feet and have undertaken extensive research to develop new technology to support this.



They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, for ABCKIDS that the first step was a love of children; they aimed to create shoes that would support children’s feet whilst also offering creative designs. Known as “the king of shoes” in home country China, ABCKIDS has become a one-stop shop for kids shoes and clothing and received several awards in recent years.

ABCKIDS employs a team of professionals to design shoes that support children’s physical development at every stage, from newborn to adolescent. They focus strongly on shoes that allow children the freedom of movement that they need for being children; running, climbing, and so on.
Their shoes have visually creative, fresh and vibrant designs which kids will love and want to wear. Also, they claimed that their annual sale turnover was over one hundred million in 2018.



ABCKIDS Saltwater
An American cult classic since the 1940s, when Walter Hoy started making sandals with scrap leather due to war shortages. Saltwater sandals are instantly recognizable, made with high quality and durable leather. A great feature is a water-resistant sealant which allows the sandals to be worn on the beach and in shallow water and helps the shoes to mold to the wearer’s feet.



These clogs have become an unlikely adult classic and the kid’s version offer additional comfort and support for growing feet. Ideal for vacations and summertime, crocs are easy to put on and take off with pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit. The children’s clogs can be customized using brand charms which kids will love to use to express their own style. Crocs clogs are ideal for kids as they are so easy to clean.



In 1991. Chris and Colleen Bennett designed the world's first all leather Soft Sole shoe for their daughter, Chloe, and from these family-friendly roots, a brand sprung into life. Bobux is a company that strives to learn more about optimal foot development and then use this knowledge to design shoes that are both stylish and good for kid’s feet.


New Balance

ABCKIDS New Balance

New Balance produces shoes that provide maximum comfort and stability in a variety of widths. They are especially good for children with wide or extra wide feet and focus strongly on both comfort and quality. As a company, New Balance has a policy of not hiring celebrity endorsement and investing a significant amount in research and development. Their shoes also come in a wide array of designs and colors so it should be easy to find a pair your little one will love.



Best known as one of the most popular brands of running shoes worldwide, Asics, also make great shoes for children. Drawing on their knowledge from producing running shoes, Asics shoes are extremely well made and well-suited to energetic children’s use!


Stride Rite

ABCKIDS Stride Rite
Stride Rite is a popular brand in the USA making durable, lightweight shoes for kids suited to their age and stage of development. Stride Rite is often the go-to brand for parents once their children are learning to walk as their ‘transition shoes’ are engineered to help children balance as they take their first steps. Many of their shoes come fitted with sensory pods on the soles which allow babies to feel the ground through the shoes, giving them vital sensory feedback.

There is much to consider when choosing shoes for your children; brands that place value on research, development and new technology demonstrate that they place value on the health of growing feet and this is certainly something to value when looking for kids shoes.