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Best 10 Brand Light Up Shoes For Kids

by Hani Huang on July 16, 2019

Light up shoes or LED shoes as they are commonly referred to, are so attractive and will undoubtedly make your kids stand out from the crowd, looking so cool. Gifting your lovely kids unique LED shoes can also serve as a security measure, as you can spot them easily when in parties or any other occasion. But just picking up any random light up shoes off the rack for your kids is not a guarantee that they’ll get that flashy look you’re going for. There are a few things to consider when shopping for the right LED shoes for your kids, and that is why we’ve taken a look at top brands who are offering the best value for money and have come up with a list of the best 10 brand light up shoes for kids. Here are three key factors that served as guidelines in selecting the best 10 brand light up shoes for kids.

Lighting Quality

abc kids comfort
Kids will always be kids and they can be petty at times. Am sure you wouldn’t want to have your kid come crying to you saying, “Sally’s shoes shine brighter than mine”. Your plan is to get a light up shoe that shines brightly and makes your kid feel excited anytime his feet glows. So, make sure you check the number of LED colours and see if it has static and dynamic colour changes.


abc kids comfort
Don’t be so excited about getting your kid a pair of light up shoes while forgetting about the most important thing about shoes, which is their comfort. This means you need to select the right fabric that they would feel comfortable wearing. It should also be durable enough so they would enjoy wearing them for a long while. Lastly, ensure you buy their appropriate sizes, as too big or too small might cause some problems.

1.ABCKIDS Light Up Shoes

abc kids lighting quality
This brand is amazing due to its simple and yet elegant baby light up shoe design. They offer you the best value for your money by creatively crafting out various designs that would wrap around your little one’s feet comfortably. For example, the Unisex Summer Light up LED Sandals is made of rubber, microfiber leather, Canvas and with a hook and loop closure. Another comfy LED shoe for your kid is the Unisex Light Up Flashing Soft LED Sneakers with dynamic colour changes and anti-slip. ABCKIDS ensures a wide range of light up shoe sizes so you can always select the proper fit for your kids.

2.Puma Speed Light Up V Sneakers

abckids puma
If you enjoy going for a reputable brand, then the Puma light up shoes would offer your kids great comfort, as they come in impeccable designs, are made of soft materials and are fashionable and great for sports as well. The rubber sole ensures proper traction for your kids so you would be assured they won’t slip while jumping around.

3. Skechers Kids LED Sneakers

abc kids skechers
This brands leather and synthetic design style provide that extra layer of comfort for your kids. This design is also good for your older kids as it has a more matured design with lights hidden inside the sole of the shoe. It is breathable and comes with a rubber sole design that makes it durable.

4.Crocs Kids Light Up Clog

abc kids crocs
Another amazing product from a reputable brand when it comes to Clog designs. Although this may seem a bit pricey, it would give your kids a good run for your money. This odour-resistant light up shoe made from Croslite material is soft, comfortable and suitable for recreational activities.

5.Slevel Light-Up Sneakers

abc kids slevel
The Slevel LED sneakers are worth every penny placed on it. These comfortable sneakers have a remote control for the sixteen different LED that would make your kids stand out. Its breathable upper makes it comfortable and the rubber sole gives it more traction and durability. In addition to all these stylish features, these amazing sneakers are waterproof.

6.Odema High Top LED Shoes

abc kids odema
Its shiny design makes it stylish and attractive for kids. It is made from PU leather and rubber sole that gives it good traction. This light up shoe offers you the option to switch the LED lights on or off, giving you the ability to save battery power.

7.Hofish Black 7 LED Shoes

abc kids hofish
Hofish black light up shoes is simple, lightweight and comfortable. With 7 static colours and 4 dynamic colours glowing around the sole, your kid would surely fall in love with this brand. You can simply turn off the lights by pressing down on the button.

8.Ufatansy Uforme Wheelies LED Shoes

abckids ufantansy
This brand of light up shoes is amongst the favourites for kids as the lightning are bright and they feel very comfortable as well. What makes this brand exceptional is the incorporations of wheels into the LED shoes. You might want to get this for your older kids who would feel more comfortable using them. But not to worry, the wheels are easy to remove and re-insert. They are available in various colours and sizes.

9.FASHOE Kids Flashing Sneakers

abc kids fashoe
This trendy light up shoes is indeed flashy with their multiple colour designs and colour patterns. It’s seven colours and four colour pattern would light up your baby’s feet and give him a distinctive look from the crowd.

10.TUTUYU LED Light Up Shoes

abckids tutuyu
This light up shoes offers great battery power advantage as it can last up to 11 hours when fully charged. It has a modern design that is suitable for both adult and kids, coupled with 7 static and 4 dynamic colour lighting patterns.

In conclusion, you must always remember to choose comfortable and durable shoes for your kids. Cause once they fall in love with their light up shoes, they would wear them out, and you might find yourself replacing them too soon.