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8 Must-have Shoes for Parents and Kids Outdoor Activities

by Hani Huang on April 18, 2019

Family time is the most critical moments between kids and their parents. Unfortunately, family activities have nosedived in recent years. If you want to foster a solid relationship between you and your kids, then it’s high time you started creating happy memories with beautiful outdoor moments.
For kids of all ages, outdoor activities often require shoes that will provide comfort for their shoes, and at the same time prevent sores and injuries. Thus, we have highlighted 10 must-have shoes for parents and kids’ outdoor activities.



abckids prewalkers

If you have a kid between the ages of 1 - 3 that is just taking their exciting small steps towards walking, having an outdoor activity can be a bit tedious for them. However, with prewalker shoes, kids can protect their kids against cold and injuries. Prewalker shoes come comfy with light and soft materials as well as sole for gripping and maintaining balance. If your plan for your toddler outdoor event is visiting parks, stores or other fun places, then having a prewalker shoe is a good step in the right direction.


Walking Shoe

abckids walking shoes

For parents planning a trip with their preteen kids, we recommend that you include footwear in your plan. No matter how enjoyable the outing can be, watching your kid suffer blisters or sore feet can be heart-breaking. As a parent, you are responsible for selecting walking shoes with designs that support comfort and stability. Walking shoes are ideal for in various outdoor activities such as hiking, tour, museum, zoo and park visitation.


Running Shoe

ABCkids running shoes

Naturally, kids love running! As a mom, I often struggle to prevent my kids from letting loose whenever we are on outdoor activities. However, with time I have learned to get them running shoes that will prevent them from hurting their feet. Running shoes feature a classic flexible sole that ensures that your kid's feet have all-round protection throughout their endless play. Also, another outdoor activity for parents and kids where running shoe is a necessity is when you play games such as hide and seek, running with the dogs and other outdoor activities that allow fleet-footed kids to excise their legs.


Mesh Shoe

abc kids mesh shoes

Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities with your kids. There are various parents and kids’ outdoor events that favor hot weather. Irrespective of the one you subscribe for, having a mesh shoe will ensure that your kids' feet have good supplies of air. Mesh shoes come with a breathable, lightweight mesh that provides optimum comfort and unrestricted ventilation. With mesh Shoe, you don't have to worry about discomfort that heat on feet can bring to your children in hot weather.


Square Shoe

ABCkids squareshoes


For any outdoor family activities, the square shoe is a good fit for both children with regular feet as well as those with feet abnormalities. Square Shoes is ideal for kids who experience swollen feet and thus require extra space in the toe box. Since square shoes come with additional space for removable insole extra support, it is recommended that you get it for kids during outdoor activities such as Ballon tennis, hide and seek, visitation to the local library and many more.


Caterpillar Shoe


Outdoor activities that require maximum safety require the use of caterpillar shoes by your kids. Think of long walks, hiking, walking on rails, jogging, etc. that include rigorous activities. Caterpillar shoes are built for ruggedness, and also offer comfort and reliability. It's mostly suitable for preteens between 7 - 12 years.


LED Shoe

ABCkids LED shoes

Every kid likes to standout during outdoor occasions. If your family outdoor activity involves visiting the Cinema, eating out in restaurants or going to the park, you may succeed in boosting your kids’ confidence by getting them a pair of LED shoes. It is breathable and made from durable fabric with multiple lighting patterns that draw attention to them as particular when enjoying outdoor family activities that involve other children.



ABCkids sandals

It's the delight of every caring parent to spend quality time with their kids to enjoy the best summer activities. Whether you want to meet friends at the local playground, go for a picnic at the park or cheer on your favorite local team, you can never go wrong with sandals for kids. Because summer is a bit hot, going with sandals is a smart choice if you want to give your kids some extra comfort. Don't be surprised if they refuse to take it off after your family outdoor activities.

If you are looking for ideas for the best family activities for parents and kids, you can check our previous posts. We have compiled ten activities in our previous post that will be perfect for you. And remember, their safety is your priority – having the right shoe will help you to prevent injuries to their soft feet.