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Choosing Baby Girl Clothes

by Hani Huang on August 26, 2019

Every mom wants her baby girl to look so adorable and every dad wants to make his daughter a princess, but not everyone understands what it takes or where to look in order to achieve that exceptional style they want their baby girl to have. ABC KIDS is committed to adorning your little princess with the coolest outfits that they would not only look incredibly amazing in but would also feel very comfortable wearing them all day long. Our collections of baby wears are equipped with classy fabrics that would take care of all your baby girls outing needs. From birthday parties to wedding events, family outings, recitations and other special occasions, ABC KIDS online store are stocked with pretty baby girl dresses that would make your girl child a beauty queen. Our baby wears also come in various sizes and style so you can choose just the right fit for your daughter to feel comfortable in. Since it is our desire to make sure that every parent out there can get quality fabric wear for their lovely kids, no matter their social status, we have included something for everyone. Our collections of baby clothing offer you one of the most affordable prices for such high quality.

abckids baby girl clothing

Kids can grow at an astronomical rate and this makes babies fashion the fastest in the world. You may not understand this if you’ve not had kids, but if you have had any of those mini-mes, you would bear witness to the challenge of trying to know what cloth size would be enough to cover up your baby. Coupled with their adventurous nature, their tendency to play anywhere they deem fit, pick up whatever they want and rub off their hands on their clothes, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that babies can use up an entire wardrobe of clothing within months and at times weeks. This feeling can be so overwhelming that you might be tempted to walk into any store and randomly pick up clothes to stock up your babies’ wardrobe, so you would be free from any clothing-related issue. Doing this would put you at risk of waking up one morning only to find out that your baby has outgrown most of the clothes you bought even without wearing some of them. To prevent such wastages and help parents get the best value for money when buying baby clothes, we have itemized a few tips to consider when shopping for baby clothing.


Buy According to Season and Needabckids baby girl clothing

Considering the season and extreme weather condition when buying baby clothes can save you from emergency purchases. For example, when you’re about to have a baby, you can do the simple math to know what season your baby would be coming in, then buy clothes to cater for such season. Buying sweaters and jackets when it’s summertime would do you no good, as your baby would probably outgrow them before the next winter. Buying according to need means you should try to restrain yourself from making unnecessary purchases, we know that as parents you’re always worried if your kids have the right clothes to last them through the coming cold, but in as much as you want to buy according to season, always strike a balance by not overdoing it.


Move One Size Upabckids baby girl one size up

You’ll find it a lot easier when you have your baby growing into her clothes rather than you trying to squeeze her into an undersized cloth. You should bear in mind that some babies come out big at childbirth, so if you’re going for a baby shower, you’ll be doing the recipient huge favour if you opt for baby wears within the 3 – 6 months range. Getting newborn sizes or 0 – 3 months sizes might not suffice for a bigger baby, as they would grow fast to become toddlers and be left with limited options.


Stay Gender Neutralabckids stay gender netural baby girl cloth

Before now, most baby clothes were just baby girl clothes irrespective of their gender. But now, the fashion industry has spread its gender-specific designs into baby fashion as well, to give babies more stylized looks and nurture a supposed future sense of style. To avoid spending a fortune in purchasing an entire wardrobe of different gender-specific baby wears for each of your babies, you can opt for gender-neutral ones, at least for the early stage of their growth.


Choose Quality and Comfortable Clothesabckids choose quality and comfortable clothing

Make it a priority to always opt for a soft fabric that is comfortable on your baby’s skin before considering other factors such as material design and style. Remember babies have tender skins and are vulnerable to chemical effects, so make sure you go for organic clothes.


Become Creative and Upcycle if You canabckids become creative baby girl clothes

You don’t have to be a crafting queen to excel at this, you only need basic sewing skills to simply convert a long-sleeved shirt you got for winter into a short sleeve or T-shirt that would serve your baby in summer. How about turning that pant that seems a bit short for your baby into shorts? The possibilities are endless but try not to go overboard so your baby won’t end up looking out of place.

abckids baby girl clothes

I hope these tips would serve as a guide in choosing the right baby cloth for all intending mothers and even experienced moms with a bit of a gap since their last baby.