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Mini Parent-child Marathon at Zhengzhou City

by Hani Huang on June 10, 2018

On June 9th, ABC KIDS hosted its first station of the mini parent-chid marathon at Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. Let’s have a look at its happy and funning scene.

mini marathon pony planet

Zhengzhou is a great place for running and other outdoor activities especially in June when people can enjoy its cool and breezy weather. Hence, there were lots of kids showed up in the garden in the morning with their parents. At that moment, the garden was full of happiness for kids.

mini marathon pony planet-2

With its theme “ One Lake, Two Axes, Three Rings, Eight Zones, Sixteen Scenes” and the novel “Bridge World”, parents and kids wore the red family matching outfits to take photos.

mini parent-child marathon at zhengzhou

Before the race, the host brought the kids to do some simple games, activities and stretching exercise so as to let them know the warm-up before exercise is important.

mini marathon pony planet 1

After the starting gun sounded, the race started with the enthusiasm and footsteps of kids full of the entire garden.

mini marathon pony planet-3

On the track, kids opened a challenging journey in the ABC KIDS unique experience hall of each Little Pony Planet. They could play box with Doni in the gym; practice gymnastics at the Jenny Gymnasium; swim in the cool pool with Poni; invite Aini to dance in the dance studio; teach Hani to slide out the perfect line at the skatepark, etc. Kids in the Pony Planet experience hall enjoyed a really happy time with their parents that day.

mini marathon pony planet-4
mini marathon pony planet-5
mini marathon pony planet-6mini parent-child marathon at zhengzhou abc kids

On the track of ABC KIDS Pony Planet, kids played happily. If they want to win the game, they needed to continue to run to the finish line. If they were tired, they could ask for hugs. In ABC KIDS Pony Planet, kids’ happiness and companionship were the most important!

mini marathon abc kids

The 2.4-kilometer mini-marathon wasn’t a difficult challenge for kids. After a while, everyone ran across the finish line with happiness. They were the little warriors of our Pony Planet! The medals belonged to them undisputedly!

mini parent-child marathonmini parent-child marathon at zhengzhou

The game was over, but the joy of the Pony Planet wasn’t over. After the game, the lucky draw was even more climax. ABC KIDS prepared a lot of surprise gifts for these kids to see who was the luckiest baby. Meanwhile, we also prepared a surprise gift, the mysterious birthday red shoes and the novel LED shoes for children at its exclusive supply station, which caused plenty of kids and parents to watch.

mini parent-child marathon

2018 ABC KIDS Pony Planet Parent-child Marathon at Zhengzhou Station

Although it ended in joy

But this was only the starting point

2018 ABC KIDS Pony Planet would return with a new event

Just to bring happiness for the kids!

mini parent-child marathon at zhengzhou abc kids

We will also fly to

Suzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Jinan, etc.;

Seven major cities in China,

Waiting for us~