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Positive Lifestyles for Parents That Would Edify Their Kids

by Hani Huang on June 29, 2019

Have you ever wondered how you developed some of your earliest social skills as a kid? Am guessing the answer is probably no. A child is born without any knowledge or skill, so they study their environment to learn how to behave and interact with people. As a parent you are their first contact, so you become their first teacher and role model. Children are more inclined to learn from your action than from what you say, so putting up a positive social behavior is very essential in impacting the right moral standards into your kids. When you constantly yell and talk down on people around you such as your gardener, your maid or even your spouse, your children are watching, and those attitudes are been etched on their minds subconsciously as a form of social behavior. They are likely to lose their self-confidence from watching you disrespect someone they love or end up relating with people in a very arrogant and disrespectful manner.

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As a parent your serve as a role model to your children not only through direct interactions as to what you say to them but also through your behavior with your family members and the society at large. Being that perfect parent is usually not an easy task. There would be days when you are provoked to act in a way that would send a negative social signal to your children, such as when you are involved in a quarrel with your spouse. How you react after mishaps such as this is just as or even more important than the initial action. Moments like these serve as great opportunities to teach your kids some social values such as being humble enough to apologize when you are wrong and being compassionate to accept an apology and to forgive. So next time you are not that perfect picture of a role model to your kids due to your actions, take some time to talk to them about your actions and decisions. When you always maintain a positive attitude while addressing your concerns and sharing your life’s activities with your children, you will contribute immensely to their personal growth and development thereby helping them to function more effectively within the society.

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At this point, you may begin to think that with all the negative energy around the world, being a role model to your kids would be a difficult task. Well, here are a few guidelines to help you become a role model to your kids, they have been categorized into two i.e. healthy eating and healthy activities. This is no manual on how to raise your kids because no one understands them better than you do. They are simple adjustments to lifestyles that would impact your kids positively.

1. Encourage Healthy Nutritionabckids nutrision

Encouraging your kids to eat right is a building block for a healthy lifestyle. In order to teach them the importance of good nutrition, you need to practice healthy eating yourself. Make healthy eating fun and get them involved in planning healthy meals. Here are ways you can be a role model for your kids and family by encouraging healthy eating.


  • Introduce lots of fruits and vegetables into family diets. You can be creative in your meals by adding fruits and vegetables to your pancakes, pasta, tacos, sandwiches, and oatmeal
  • Take your kids to the grocery store and teach them how to select certain foods and drinks that are more nutritious and healthier
  • Go beyond serving them cereal and milk as breakfast always, make out time to prepare simple breakfasts like maple bacon and scrambled eggs
  • Involve them in the kitchen chores. Teach them to wash the dishes, chop vegetables and to cook
  • Limit the consumption of soft drinks and sugar-sweetened drinks in your homes. You can introduce other healthier options such as homemade lemonade or iced tea, and do not forget to teach your kids how to blend them and clean up afterward.
  • Try as much as you can to curtail food wastage within your home, discuss with your kids to know when they are comfortably full or overfilled. Teach them to listen to and understand their internal body cues.
  • Be cautious when forbidding his/her favorites in order to avoid desires for such foods. Rather, you can limit the quantity they take and how often they get to eat it.

2.Encouraging Healthy Activitiesabckids maintain great habby

Maintaining a positive attitude in whatever you do inspires your kids. Practicing the good morals, you teach them would encourage them to follow suit. As a role model to your kids, you need to walk the talk, backing up your words with visible and concrete actions. Here are a few healthy lifestyles that would help parents become better role models.


  • Show respect to other people by talking politely to them. Choose your words carefully when discussing friends, family members, and even their teachers. This also includes giving them a sense of self-respect by respecting yourself. For example, if you demonstrate how hurtful or disrespectful a language is to you, your kids would learn to stand their ground and express their dissatisfaction when they feel insulted.
  • Practice effective communication with your kids by listening to them patiently and attentively without interrupting. This builds their self-confidence by adding values to their thoughts and opinions.
  • Set goals and make sure you achieve them. It could be long term academic goals, shorter goals like taking up a simple art project at home or completing an exercise. It gives your children a sense of purpose and instills in them principles such as hard work, consistency, and self-discipline.

abckids healthy lifestyle
It is never too late to be that perfect role model for your kids. Control your emotions and share your experiences with them, let them know your wins and your losses. Connect to them emotionally and they would love your honesty and in turn relate their fears and anxieties to you. Always remember kids watch and kids learn.