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Shoe & Clothing Maintenance

by Hani Huang on May 02, 2019

StepⅠ- Shoes Cleaning

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1. Remove the shoelaces and insoles from the shoes and clean them firstly;
2. Shoes should not be washed and soaked for more than 20 minutes;
3. Air dry the shoes and place them in a space away from direct sunlight.


StepⅡ- Special Maintenance

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Mesh Shoes
Brush with a soft brush and laundry liquid; Don’t exposure to the sun to avoid yellowing or fading.
Synthetic Leather: Clean with a soft damp cloth or scrub or wipe with laundry liquid when it’s necessary.  


Suede Shoes
Use the suede care agent to keep and restore the original color after brushing the debris and dirt with a soft brush.


Canvas Shoes
Clean and brush with a soft brush and laundry liquid or soap; Placing in a ventilates place to dry.


For general stains, clean and scrub with eraser; for heavy stains, clean and scrubbed with a soft brush with detergent.



Clean the outsole timely to avoid further damage. There are some small stone things may embed in the outsole for it exposures to the ground directly.


Step Ⅲ-  Shoe Maintenace Steps

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1. If shoes were wet by rainwater, dry with a dry cloth and then put dry cloth or paper into the shoes to stabilize their Place them in a space where is shady and dry. Don’t dry by using hair dryer directly;
2. Add paper and desiccant into the shoes to maintain them for the next wearing;
3. Scrub the upper when it was smoked yellow with a small amount of vinegar, and be careful to avoid scrubbing the leather or fabric of the shoes.


Step Ⅳ- Common Tools

Soft brush, sponge, cotton cloth, suede, detergent, desiccant.

Step Ⅵ- Clothing Maintenance

abckids clothing maintenance

Tips to prevent clothes from fading:
1. Soak new clothes for the first time with salt for half an hour(add 3 spoons salt to a bucket of water); the next washing adds 1 spoon salt for 10-15 minutes.
2. For the dark color clothes, add the right amount of vinegar when washing them.
3. Add a few drops of Florida Water into the water after the rinses and soak for 10mins.
4. Turn the clothing inside out before washing and drying, and don’t expose to the sun directly.


Anyway, you should forget this is a great chance for you to educate your kids when talking about shoe or clothing maintenance. The best result is the shoe or clothing is under great condition and your meanings and good habits will be taught to your kids. Don't know how to get this result? Well, just take a glimpse at the post about the 4 steps to maintain the shoes with kids.