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Songs for Babies & Kids to Develop Potential

by Hani Huang on July 08, 2019

If you have paid any attention to your choice of music when you’re experiencing various moods such as sadness or extreme happiness, you would realize that most times you tend to listen to music that mirrors your mood at that moment. As adults we’ve all experienced sad moments in our lives, it could be a rejection from someone you love, losing a job, or just failing an exam or interview, in sad moments like these you tend to listen to slower moving songs or motivational songs that help you pull yourself up and regain control of your activities. But how about when you graduated from college, or when you passed that professional exam or when you just got that promotion at work, am sure you were most likely playing upbeat music in your car, nodding your head and singing along and aloud, that is because you are happy. Music is so powerful that it can affect our moods greatly. Most times when we listen to any kind of music, our minds begin to sync with it, and it starts to influence our moods and our emotions. According to research from the University of Groningen, it was discovered that music is not only able to affect our moods but listening to a kind of music that promotes a feeling of happiness or sadness can change the way a person views the world.

abckids kids songs
So, if we adults could be influenced by the music we listen to, how about our kids? Music is a form of language and can be used to build basic language and communication skills for kids who are yet to start talking. There are lots of good kiddies’ songs out there that you can get addicted to even as an adult, ranging from some amazing Disney songs to old-time nursery rhymes, and trust me when I say it was hard picking out just ten out of the hundreds that we have.

1.Baby Sharkabckids Baby shark

Baby shark is number one on our chart for a reason. This truly amazing song by Pink Fong can captivate not only kids both parents as well and get the whole family belting out “baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo”. Baby shark has a melodious tune that your kids can dance to and express their joy, it’s simple and repetitive style makes it easy to sing and memorize.

2.The Ants Go Marchingabckids the ants go marching

This nursery rhythm has its origins from the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" which was written during the American Civil War by the Irish American bandleader Patrick Gilmore. It’s a good song that can help your younger kids master the number sequence, and its rhythmic lyrics makes it easy to memorize so you can sing along with your kids as you teach them how to count from one to ten.


3. You Are My Sunshineabckids you are my sunshine

This song might pose some difficulty for kids if you intend to teach them the entire lyrics, but the good thing is that they don’t need to know the entire song as the chorus is just enough. As a parent, you would want to shower your kids with so much love and attention, as kids who get a lot of this early in life tend to develop higher self-esteem. There is no better song to sing your kids to sleep with and reaffirm your love for them that they are your only sunshine.

4.The ABC Songabckids the abc songs

Even the greatest eloquent speakers of the English language started their journey by first learning the alphabets. So, what better way to help your kids kickstart their future writing career other than to teach them the alphabets. The ABC song has a melodious tune that would stick in their heads in no time and help them master the 26 letters of the alphabets.

5. Let It Goabckids let it go

You can term this melodious song by Elsa as one of Disney’s greatest hit tracks. It details the struggle of a growing child trying to control her icy superpowers. It’s emotional and inspiring altogether and can build up your child’s imagination as having his/her own innate superpowers. This would keep them motivated to let go of all their worries, rise above obstacles and shoot for the sky.

6.Twinkle Twinkle Little Starabckids twinkle twinkle little star

This song is timeless and easy for kids to learn. It’s repetitive and rhythmic lyrics makes it simple for toddlers to hum along even when they can’t put their words together. For older kids it is a good start when practicing how to play the tonic notes on a piano, the “Do do so so la la so. fa fa mi mi re re do” notes of twinkle twinkle little star would help them understand the Do Re Mi intervals.

7.Row Row Your Boatabckids row row your boat

This is a great song to share some quality time with your kids and make your chores fun. You can sing this along with them while bathing them in the bathtub and make them paddle through the water with their hands.

8. This Is the Wayabckids this is the way

Another great song to make your kids enjoy activities they probably wouldn’t want to do right away. This song can be adapted into various scenarios even if you don’t have any musical skills. It can be “this is the way we brush our teeth”, “this is the way we walk to school” or even “this is the way we laugh and play”.

9. Old MacDonald Had a Farmabckids old macdonald had a farm

Great song for your active kids to play around with. They would really enjoy making the distinctive sounds of the various animals.

10.How Far I’ll Goabckids how far i’ll go

We would be wrapping up our list with another great song from Disney. This song teaches kids to follow their instincts. Singing this melodious tune can help them connect with the Moana character and stay inspired to explore the world beyond them.