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They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, for ABC Kids that the first step was a love of children; A love of the endless creativity and boundless energy that kids have to offer, a recognition of their limitless dreams and abundant joy and a respect for their natural, vast curiosity and incessant exploration of the world around them.

We wanted to create shoes and clothing that would support kids on their lifelong journey of exploration, taking care of each step along the way.
Now we employ a team of professionals to design shoes that support kids' physical development at every stage, from newborn to adolescent, focussing on practical, ergonomic design to encourage children's adventures; our shoes are made for running, climbing and chasing dreams!

ABC Kids are more than design professionals though, we are also creative spirits at heart, just like the kids we design shoes and clothing for. We aim to always put the imagination and creativity of the kids first, which is why our shoes are visually vibrant; inspired by children’s zeal for life!

With our own manufacturing chain, integrated quality control system and professional Quality Control team our standards are sky-high, we want our products to be practical, comfortable and premium quality as well as beautiful. Having been called the “king of shoes” in China, we want to make shoes that live up to this royal reputation.

Parents turn to us looking for shoes and clothing that will allow their kids to live life to the full, unhindered and free. Our products encourage children’s natural enthusiasm for exploration and adventure, whilst keeping them safe and supported.

Today, we have become a one-stop for kids shoes and clothing with 2400 physical stores all over mainland China and received an award as one of China’s 500 most valuable brands, for 8 years in a row!

We’re keeping pace with international markets too, with an ever-expanding reach via e-commerce platforms, we’re spreading our footprints to every corner of the globe.

ABC Kids now stocks a full range of products including shoes, clothing, accessories, cultural and creative products, and our business is ever-evolving. But at the heart of our business is that same love of kids. Our professional activities are focussed on nurturing, and nourishing children's spirits through the products we provide. As kids start their journey of a thousand miles with those first teetering steps we aim to support and foster a spirit of adventure in them.

We’re making giant leaps in supporting those small steps!